Our Materials

Vintage Garments


A simple way to reduce the impact of textile manufacturing is to reuse what has already been produced. We draw on the wealth of vintage and used gowns available as a source for inspiration and material. With expert care, some vintage gowns can be worn again with minimal alteration. Others need a full restyle. Either way, we begin the process with less impact, and that’s a great thing.

Vintage Accents

Our favorite way to reuse is through vintage trims including lace, buttons and brooches. These pieces add a fashionable flair with a smaller footprint. Often we can reuse trims from a personal family heirloom, adding story as well as style.

Peace Silk


Many of our custom gowns are created with new textiles, including our favorite peace silk. Peace silk is created from the cocoon of the silk worm after the moth has emerged, allowing it to continue its life cycle, a more humane method than traditional silk processing. Our textile provider also engages in Fair Trade practices, ensuring the silk farmers are given a living wage at minimum.

Hemp Silk Blends


Hemp is a wonder crop. It grows quickly in a variety of climates, uses little water, no pesticides or herbicides and does not exhaust the soil. Blended with silk, it creates a textile with body and a beautiful sheen, perfect for tailored garments.

Organic Cotton


The structure of our gowns is often created with durable organic cotton. A 5th generation family cotton farm, our source grows and manufactures all of their organic cotton in the USA 100% pesticide free, and they are fully GOTS certified.

Organic Cotton Muslin Reused (and Reused, and Reused!)


Every custom gown is first constructed in organic cotton muslin, so that we can perfect the fit of your gown before cutting into the fine fabrics of the final gown. Once the pattern of the gown is transferred from the muslin to fine fabric, we save as much of the cotton muslin as possible for reuse with our next client. We try to minimize the amount of new muslin we use, reducing our use of new textiles, and reducing the cost to you!

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