Vicki’s Vintage Inspiration


How can we honor the beauty of Vicki's mother's gown but make it a dress Vicki felt was all her own?

Vicki knew from the start that she wanted to use her mother's gown.

The fit was great, but the style needed an update. With a high neck and long belled sleeves, it was too much dress for a July wedding. But with charming embroidered daisies and pretty pearl beadwork there was a lot to love about this vintage beauty. How could we honor the beauty of Vicki’s mother’s gown but make it a dress Vicki felt was all her own?


Getting Inspired

Looking to contemporary gowns, Vicki showed us magazine photos that inspired her. She loved the full sweep of her mother’s gown, but wanted a simpler, more tailored bodice. Taking her favorite elements from several different gowns, we were able to design a new bodice that would compliment her petite silhouette.


Our first fittings were in organic cotton muslin, allowing us to perfect the fit of her new gown’s shape before cutting into the fabric of her mother’s gown.


We tried two different fabrics to see how the sleeve draped on Vicki’s shoulder. After a few minor adjustments the cap sleeve curved gently over her shoulder.


With gentle cleaning, Vicki’s mother’s gown returned to it’s original white color. We selected an Ahimsa Peace silk for the bodice to compliment the lustrous pearls of the original gown. With rhinestone beads Vicki found in a shop and our luminous silk, we created an eye-catching belt. As a final touch, individual embroidered daises were selected from her mother’s gown to create organic accents along the sweetheart neckline and low open back. Old and new, beautiful together.


Vicki was able to walk down the aisle in a gown that was both hers and her mother’s, continuing tradition while creating a new one. A beautiful bride, surrounded by family.


I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful work you did with my gown. It was absolutely gorgeous and perfect!! – Vicki

Wedding dress final fitting.

It was absolutely gorgeous and perfect!! I loved working with you - I'm gonna miss our fittings!

Vicki, Restyled Vintage


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