Bride Stories


I walked down the aisle in a dress that looked beautiful and felt completely comfortable and unique.

Nina, Custom Couture

Brennan Back

The dress was perfect on the day. Everyone commented on its uniqueness. It was wonderful to wear such a beautiful and well-made dress that I had helped to design and that was individual to me.

Helen, Custom Couture


Jocelyn and Carla's care of my dress right up until the day gave me peace of mind and I really felt the best that I ever had on my wedding day.

Antonia, Custom Couture


Thank you so much for the fabulous dress!

Marika, Custom Couture

Vicki's Vintage Inspiration

Her mother’s gown was beautiful, but not her style.  We changed it up to create a whole new gown using elements of her mother’s.

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Couture Sisters Nina and Angela

Sisters Nina and Angela had the same inspiration, their mother!

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Ruth's Revived Heirloom

Ruth wanted to wear her mother’s wedding gown but remembered it most as the favorite piece in her childhood dress up box. Can we rescue a vintage gown turned play dress?

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