Antonia’s Crinoline Craze

Fit for a Queen!

On this rare occasion we were able to make a gown for another dressmaker – she came to us with research images, color ideas, and even drafted the pattern herself!

Since she lives oversees, we worked via Skype and email to finalize details on her custom gown.


Petticoats and Custom Printing

For this dress, we used Ahimsa 3-ply silk in its natural ivory color and a white silk crepe lining. Two vintage petticoats were altered and combined to achieve the right amount of fullness in the skirt. The use of a screen-printed cornflower design was Antonia’s idea, and Jocelyn drew the screens and printed each garment piece by hand.

A Classic Shape with Modern Punch

The flattering and classic 50’s shape and minimalist pattern highlights Antonia’s tall slender frame. Additionally, the dramatic silver tone flowers, printed asymmetrically on one side of the dress, added interest to the back of the dress as well as the front. Her bright blue accessories and flowers gave this classic style a completely modern punch!


Jocelyn and Carla's care of my dress right up until the day gave me peace of mind and I really felt the best that I ever had on my wedding day.

Antonia, Custom Couture

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